Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Engineering, procurement, construction and installation of the hvdc cable system for the euroasia interconnector. EUR 168.20 Cr EUR 1.68 Bn
16 Days to go
DID : 37603372 Cyprus | Not Classified
2. Sector:Power Plant Supply of XLPE cable, LT XLPE insulated PVC armored cable, aerial bunched cable, ACSR rabbit conductor, dog conductor, weasel conductor, PCC pole, stay wire, MS bolt & nuts, fabricated steel items (cross arm with clamp & top hamper, bracket), aluminium lugs, PG clamp, pin insulator, disc insulator, stay insulator, shackle insulator, polymer insulator, assembly of 33KV isolator etc. INR 107.26 Cr INR 1.07 Bn
57 Days to go
DID : 37576040 India | Rajasthan
3. Sector:Power Plant Procurement of 11 kv 3x300 sqmm ug xlpe aluminium power cable. 58 Cr 580 Mn
8 Days to go
DID : 37268234 India | Tamil Nadu
4. Sector:Power Plant Underground cabling work 54.40 Cr 544.08 Mn
15 Days to go
DID : 37137839 India | Rajasthan
5. Sector:Power Plant Supply of following items like static energy meters with meter box having DLMS protocol, LCD display type meters without meter box, HT & LT trivector meters & box, CT-PT sets, double anchor tamper evident poly-carbonate seals, pliers, screw driver, testers, safety shoes, rubber sheet SMC chequere, power transformer, battery sets, EHV grade transformer oil, panel, VCB, VCB kiosks, distribution transformer, TC fuse wire,... INR 52.56 Cr INR 525.60 Mn
99 Days to go
DID : 37680969 India | Rajasthan
6. Sector:Education And Research Institute Expression of interest for operations and maintenance of ofc network and equipments, optical fibre cable 96 core (ribbon) , duct , jointing chamber, route & joint indicator , rack mounted splitters , 96f fdms (fully loaded including enclosure) , 48f fdms (fully loaded including enclosure), fibre patch cord (2m) , route indicators , full dwc pipe (63 mm) of ofc route depth .6mts, gi pipe (63 mm), straight joint closure, adss... 45 Cr 450 Mn
5 Days to go
DID : 37484631 India | Gujarat
7. Sector:Power Plant Constructing htabc on turnkey basis under distribution north region INR 41.40 Cr INR 414 Mn
29 Days to go
DID : 37576528 India | Kerala
8. Sector:Power Plant Supply of isi marked of various sizes of4core and 2 core lt pvc insulated and pvc sheathed armoured cable. INR 37.71 Cr INR 377.17 Mn
7 Days to go
DID : 37627633 India | Rajasthan
9. Sector:Air Transport Dsitc of e-boarding system (digi-yatra) at cial
design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of e-boarding system (digi-yatra) at cial - e-gate (single narrow lane) at boarding gate, e-gate (single narrow lane) at pesc area, e-gate (single wide lane) at entrance gate, software for e-boarding system, core room infrastructure hardware, (servers, storage, switches, firewall, patch cords and any other hardware...
INR 30 Cr INR 300 Mn
28 Days to go
DID : 37509950 India | Kerala
10. Sector:Power Plant Supply of LR XLPE cable, 11 KV VCB, MCCB etc. INR 25 Cr INR 250 Mn
7 Days to go
DID : 37699162 India | Rajasthan
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