Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Machine Tools Supply of flywheel casting as per drawing issued by kamco to our various units 7.21 Cr 72.16 Mn
15 Days to go
DID : 37487420 India | Kerala
2. Sector:Coal and Lignite Procurement of undercarriage spares - master link type sealed andlubricated , idler assembly, track roller assembly (s.f), track roller assembly (d.f), carrier roller assembly, teeth sprocket, bolt, nut, in sets for bd355 dozer INR 3.38 Cr INR 33.80 Mn
10 Days to go
DID : 37482661 India | Chhattisgarh
3. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Repair of wheelsets and wheelsets with gearbox. EUR 2.09 Cr EUR 20.94 Mn
39 Days to go
DID : 37694470 Slovakia | Not Classified
4. Sector:Railways Transport Services Stripping, cleaning, reclamation/repair and painting of axle box housings of icf wheel assemblies in wheel shop of carriage repair workshop,mancheswar. INR 95.77 Lac INR 9.57 Mn
10 Days to go
DID : 37643903 India | Multi State
5. Sector:Coal and Lignite Supply of spares - brake disc, eea0015464, brake disc, eea0015470, back up ring, eea0015472, "o" ring, eea0015473, taper roller bearing, eea0015403, taper roller bearing, eea0015412, oil seal, eea0015404, drive line (rear), 811b050000130, drive line-front, 811b050000136, drive line-middle, 811b050000128, spider assy., 811m100000417, pillow block bearing, 811a050000143, relief valve , eea0009580, check valve, eea0009581, bush... INR 71.85 Lac INR 7.18 Mn
18 Days to go
DID : 37769267 India | Chhattisgarh
6. Sector:Coal and Lignite Procurement of spares - roller, drive line (rear), chain wheel (1 ” pitch), seal, steering valve assembly, drive line (front), drive shaft seal kit, part no. eea0020994, seal kit, part no. eea0020991, seal kit (lift cylinder), part no. eea0020978, seal kit, part no. eea0019109, seal kit, part no. eea0019110, chain 1 ” pitch, part no. 250a050000031, chain wheel (1 ” pitch), part no. 250b060000053, ring, oil baffle seal, part... INR 47.19 Lac INR 4.71 Mn
1 Day to go
DID : 37497802 India | Chhattisgarh
7. Sector:Railways Transport Services Msu overhauling of 3-phase locomotives -18 wheel sets of wag-9locomotives. INR 46.02 Lac INR 4.60 Mn
4 Days to go
DID : 37464316 India | Multi State
8. Sector:Health Services/Equipments Supply of board commercial, ply commercial, lamination board commercial, teak wood plank, kail wood, teak wood chair sheet, rexine cloth, sun mica sheet, fevicol adhesive, net bolt zinc, teak wood margin, latch almirah, wooden screw, nail, black nail, triangle nails, teak wood chair sheet, teak wood wheel chair sheet, bp bladder, bp cloth, poly urethane wheel, fs heavy duty caster pu wheel, fs heavy duty caster pu wheel, poly... INR 35 Lac INR 3.50 Mn
28 Days to go
DID : 37798498 India | Delhi
9. Sector:Coal and Lignite Procurement of gear box spares, input pinion assembly con., 1st intermediate wheel, oil seal set for scn 250, worm wheel for gear box, oil seal set, slow speed shaft, oil seal for elecon make and model no. scn 400 scn 250 and 5nu for chp khadia INR 29.35 Lac INR 2.93 Mn
15 Days to go
DID : 37738614 India | Uttar Pradesh
10. Sector:Coal and Lignite Supply of spares, chain wheel (1" pitch), roller (ver), roller (hoz), service valve, fan assy (commercial), track link & s.g. shoe assembly, cartridge, filter element, chain wheel for eimco make lhd, idler sprocket assembly, lever assembly, arm assembly, link assembly, drive shaft, relief valve for sdl and udm. INR 12.07 Lac INR 1.20 Mn
5 Days to go
DID : 37798994 India | Maharashtra
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