Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Shipping Mechanization of wq7 and wq8 berths. INR 288.47 Cr INR 2.88 Bn
29 Days to go
DID : 45787279 India | Andhra Pradesh
2. Sector:Shipping Mechanization of eq7 berth through ppp mode at visakhapatnam port trust on dbfot basis. INR 201 Cr INR 2.01 Bn
38 Days to go
DID : 45874224 India | Andhra Pradesh
3. Sector:Shipping Development of truck parking in the vacant land of 20.00 acres of exim park including infrastructure facilities for operation of truck parking terminal between south gate of ins dega and solar power plant. INR 38.48 Cr INR 384.80 Mn
3 Days to go
DID : 45647271 India | Andhra Pradesh
4. Sector:Shipping Hiring of floating crane facilities to increase lightening / topping up of cargo at sagar / other deep draft locations in the water limit of smp, for a period of 2 years extendable by one year nda. 33 Cr 330 Mn
4 Days to go
DID : 45610028 India | West Bengal
5. Sector:Shipping Operations and maintenance of international and domestic cruise terminal and ferry terminal at mormugao port, goa on ppp 22 Cr 220 Mn
31 Days to go
DID : 45843700 India | Goa
6. Sector:Shipping Construction of left over works of eq-1a berth on the south side of eq-1 berth in the harbour. INR 17.45 Cr INR 174.57 Mn
25 Days to go
DID : 45926534 India | Andhra Pradesh
7. Sector:Shipping Connecting open drains and septic tanks to stps ( two nos) INR 10.02 Cr INR 100.20 Mn
3 Days to go
DID : 45776530 India | Orissa (Odisha)
8. Sector:Shipping Appointment of agency for providing conservancy, house keeping and miscellaneous services for jnpt sez. INR 6.86 Cr INR 68.69 Mn
17 Days to go
DID : 45934742 India | Maharashtra
9. Sector:Shipping Allotment of two plots of smp, kolkata land in the dock zone of haldia dock complex, on as is where is basis, on upfront rent basis for a period of 30 years nda. INR 6.10 Cr INR 61.08 Mn
24 Days to go
DID : 45760418 India | West Bengal
10. Sector:Shipping Connecting open drain and septic tanks to stp of capacity 2.00mld at bhimabhoi colony. INR 5.63 Cr INR 56.36 Mn
5 Days to go
DID : 45823081 India | Orissa (Odisha)
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