Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Power Plant Procurement of consumables items - compressed asbestos fibre joining, sheet/ gasket, welding electrode- ss, teflon gland packing, green enamel paint, golden yellow enamel paint, silver enamel paint, post office red enamel paint, grey enamel paint, light gray enamel paint, white enamel paint, black enamel paint, sky blue enamel paint, thinner, cutting wheel, type-i, dia 4", 2.50 mm, thick, cutting wheel, type-i, dia 7", 2.50... 18.87 Lac 1.88 Mn
20 Days to go
DID : 37500458 India | Uttaranchal
2. Sector:Roads Supply of cat b construction stores - white cement, make birla , wc european type single pcs with electronic seat cover, hinges fixing accessories, accessories set and cistern fittings size 360x725x735mm, s-trap-300mm, model no.b-idspa, its-wht-89851 s300. make jaquar, tafllon tape, hole tide, cp bib cock 15 mm, long body with wall flange, cp bib cock 15mm, as per is specification model no.0573, make jaquar, cp pillar cock... INR 10.11 Lac INR 1.01 Mn
Closing today
DID : 37711328 India | Assam
3. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Supply of Civil Items Plastic Emulsion Paint White Nerolac/ Asian/ICI make, Oil Bound Nerolac, Polish colour (for wooden), Texture Paint (big dana white) Berger/ Nerolac/ Asian/ICI make, Paint golden colour Nerolac/ Asian /ICI make, Paint silver colour Nerolac/ Asian /ICI make, Paint white (road marking) Nerolac/ Asian /ICI make, Primar ( Paint ) Nerolac/ Asian /ICI make, Lequer Polish Asian /ICI make, Touch wood Nerolac/... INR 8 Lac INR 8 Lac
15 Days to go
DID : 37720001 India | Delhi
4. Sector:Security Services Supply of general items - aaa cell / aa cell, acid, agriculture net (green), aldrop steel 12", alluminium door handle 12", alluminium door sheet, alluminium l angle 12 feet, angle iron, blade mock, bleaching powder, bostique solution, broom soft, broom stick, bucket plastic 20l, cgi sheet plane, china nails ½”, ¾”, china nails 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4”., chitkani steel 8" (tower bolt), chuna, cotton rasi, detergent (washing... INR 5 Lac INR 5 Lac
7 Days to go
DID : 37657634 India | Bihar
5. Sector:Security Services Purchase of misc items, m.s. angle 42x40x5 mm, m.s. flate 40x5 mm, belt flat (patta) 60mm wide, m.s. square pipe 1½’’ x3 mm, c.g.i. sheet 9'x3'x65mm, plain iron bar 12mm, m.s. angle 30x30x3mm, bolt with nut & plain washer 3½’’ x 17 mm (locking nut), welding rod swg 10, sealing compond tube, paint black, thinner, red oxide, cutting wheel 14, grinder wheel 4, drill bit 10mm, holo punch 10mm for luggage carrier of buses for tpt... INR 4.97 Lac INR 4.97 Lac
15 Days to go
DID : 37733659 India | Punjab
6. Sector:Fertilizers and pesticides Supply of thermo sensitive paint/ thinner. INR 2.85 Lac INR 2.85 Lac
26 Days to go
DID : 37751508 India | Madhya Pradesh
7. Sector:Security Services Supply of thinner general purpose as per is 14314 95 in 20 ltr container make ici, berger, nerolac, shalimar, asian. INR 2.84 Lac INR 2.84 Lac
8 Days to go
DID : 37600540 India | Telangana
8. Sector:Security Services Supply of maintenance stores, chair tubular steel with arms, chair tubular steel without arms, seat for chair tubular steel with arms, seat for chair tubular steel without arms, handle for chair tubular steel with arms made, handle for almirah, handle for table bed side map, turpentine oil, wood primer, yellow oxide, seasoned teak wood scantling, thinner. INR 2.20 Lac INR 2.20 Lac
6 Days to go
DID : 37675954 India | Andhra Pradesh
9. Sector:Power Plant Purchase of painting items - red oxide paint, thinner ( orderner), aluminium paint, binding wire, hacksaw blade 12 ( high speed steel ) single edge, hackshaw frame,size 12 ’’, metal drill bit 5.5mm, concrete drill bit 5.5 mm, nails 1 ’’, nails 2 ’’, wooden screw 1 ’’, painting brush 2, painting brush 75mm, painting brush 4, concrete drill bit 6.5 mm, enamel paint gray, for loktak power station. INR 1.66 Lac INR 1.66 Lac
Closing today
DID : 37564334 India | Manipur
10. Sector:Security Services Procurement of paints - 8010-0000128 thinner anti chilled/shalithane, n8010-0000114 paint silver, 8010-000146 paint signal red, interthane 990(phb 000/pha 046)white, n8010-akzonobel-740 interguard 740(ecl 549/eca 914)green non skid for icgs c-148. INR 63.01 K INR 63.01 K
1 Day to go
DID : 37565521 India | West Bengal
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