Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Power Plant Annual maintenance contract / rutine maintenance contract of electro mechanical equipments installed - manager (be/b tech in electrical engineering), engineer (b.e/ diploma( electrical)), electrical supervisor (diploma holder in electrical engineering), electrician highly skilled, welder cum grinder, mechanic/fitter highly skilled, electric crane operator, helper skilled, cook, mess helper & tea boy, sweeper/floor... INR 4.01 Cr INR 40.10 Mn
14 Days to go
DID : 38294848 India | Jammu-kashmir
2. Sector:Security Services Provision of operational stores items - gabion basket- gabion portable collapsible wall basket, galvanised welded mesh frame (2 cells per set) of size 1.22 x0.61x0.75 m (length 4 feet,width 2 feet and height 2.5 feet). basket mesh will be made of 4 mm dia hot dip galvanised low carbon steel wire confirming to bs 1052. 145 gms alu-zinc coated prime, quality raw material conforming to bs/en 10244-2. wire tensile 540-770 n/mm2.... INR 36 Lac INR 3.60 Mn
7 Days to go
DID : 38247823 India | Jammu-kashmir
3. Sector:Security Services Supply of bakelite varnish lacquer and thinner. INR 5.58 Lac INR 5.58 Lac
5 Days to go
DID : 38219739 India | Tamil Nadu
4. Sector:Security Services Supply of miscellaneous goods, fuel filter, oil filter, battery 12 volt 180 ah, engine oil, distilled water , battery 12 volt 90/92 ah, coolant, self starter, hrs run meter, transformer oil, cable almn multi stand 2 core 10 sqmm, change over switch 63 amp, paint rfu og, paint rfu brown, paint rfu sand, thinner, welding rod, media, chemical, anticline, membrane, micro filter 4" dia 20" long. INR 2.01 Lac INR 2.01 Lac
12 Days to go
DID : 38287351 India | Punjab
5. Sector:Security Services Supply of miscellaneous goods - cement 50 kg in each bag. , make acc/ultra tech/star", "glass panes cleared of size 3’x2’x3mm thick. , make modi guard/saintgobain/ atul .", "timber scantling second class hard wood clean sawn free from knots of size100 x 100 mm. , as per sample. ", lime unslacked best quality, aluminium conduit pipe 20mm x 4 mtr long. as per sample, "timber scantling second class hard wood clean sawn free... INR 2 Lac INR 2 Lac
7 Days to go
DID : 38199391 India | Multi State
6. Sector:Security Services Supply of lead pig best quality. as per sample, gi nipple med grade 15 mm x 100mm, isi marked, "thinner, makeasain paint/shalimar/berger/nelac", "cable lugs aluminium 50 sqmm, tube terminal, make dowells or equivalent", "aluminium door stopper. , make classic/argent /poineer", "cable lugs aluminium 95 sqmm, tube terminal, make dowells or equivalent", "cable lugs aluminium 35 sqmm, tube terminal, make dowells or... INR 2 Lac INR 2 Lac
8 Days to go
DID : 38214792 India | Meghalaya
7. Sector:Power Plant Supply of consumables - bectol red, epoxy red gelcot, dilucent 'c, hardener eh 411, thinner 221 (pack of 830 gm), thinner 234 (pack of 830 gm), acetone, red paint (500 ml each), black paint (500 ml each), m-seal, emery paste fine (400 gm), emery paste medium (400 gm), emery paper coarse, hss hexa blade super, contract cleaner spray (dc >2-26) (300g pack), painting brush (size 4 inch), painting brush (size 3 inch), painting... INR 1.96 Lac INR 1.96 Lac
3 Days to go
DID : 38208109 India | Rajasthan
8. Sector:Security Services Supply of expendable items - masking tape 48mmx20mtrs part no nk, thinner antichill part no nk, paint red oxide part no nk, paint synthetic enamel olive green part no nk, bilux polyster putty part no nk , spl p s gray putty part no nk, feviquick (3grms) part no nk, automotive auto stripper spray part no nk, abrasive slicon carbide 120 part no nk, abrasive silicon carbide 80 part no nk, paint synthetic enamel red part... INR 1.72 Lac INR 1.72 Lac
2 Days to go
DID : 38254900 India | West Bengal
9. Sector:Railways Transport Services Supply and application of one coach set epoxy pu paints for dmu/tc 1600hp acac- demu (igbt),memu/tc6 coaches (drg no.747-8-3-001,alt-"nil").as detailed below1.epoxy zinc phosphate primer (two pack) to specn. rdso/m&c /pcn /100/2018 chapter-ii= 70 ltrs. 2.two component p.u.surfacer to specn.rdso/m&c/pcn/100/2018 chapter-iv=30ltrs. 3.thinner compatible for epoxy based zinc phospate primer to specn.rdso/m&c/pcn/100/2018... Refer Document
Closing today
DID : 37869685 India | Tamil Nadu
10. Sector:Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels Providing of magnet thinner. Refer Document
19 Days to go
DID : 37907894 Iran | Not Classified
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