Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Road Transport Services Supply of synthetic paint and p u paint and thinner. INR 45 Lac INR 4.50 Mn
7 Days to go
DID : 40451274 India | Rajasthan
2. Sector:Security Services Annual contract for supply of materials for various industry like carpentry/iron, stitching, handicrafts & printing press, plastic cane, thinner, ply, fevicol, Asian paint, steel screw, foam, mosquito net, solution, welding rod, GI sheet, iron angle, measuring tape, alum, canvas, spade, fine belt, grease, mobil oil, thread, machine oil, needle, paper, binding cloth, cloth, rulled paper, cover paper, stapler pin, stitching... INR 25 Lac INR 2.50 Mn
30 Days to go
DID : 40471866 India | Madhya Pradesh
3. Sector:Power Plant Supply of trw materials - nylon washer size 22x11x12, nylon cone washer ( 38x16x20 ) mm, m.s. washer ½” hole, fevicol, m.seal, markin cloth, silicagel breather 100kva, r.c. sheet 3x2x6mm, thinner, m.s. nuts & bolts 1½“ x ½'', m.s. nuts & bolts 1½“ x 3/8'', m.s. nuts & bolts 2.1/2 3/8'', m.s. nuts & bolts 2.1/2x5/8, lt bushing 630 amp, lt bushing250 amp, ht bushing clamp, lt brass studs 1/2", ht brass studs 1/2", lt brass... INR 22.21 Lac INR 2.22 Mn
5 Days to go
DID : 40391364 India | Jharkhand
4. Sector:Coal and Lignite Supply of consumable items - varnish (dr. beck), red insulating varnish 6084, thinner , bectol red (dr. beck), bectol grey (dr. beck), cotton tapes super fine width 25 mm, glass tape non-varnish, 1" x 50 mtr, 7 mill, nomex composite paper size-5 mill, adhesive fibre glass tape 0.005 thickness x 1/2 width, minilex polyster film s-5 (white), minilex polyster film s-7 (white), pvc tape 19cm x 25mtr x 0.125 mm, self fusing... INR 7.47 Lac INR 7.47 Lac
18 Days to go
DID : 40465217 India | Orissa (Odisha)
5. Sector:Security Services Supply of furniture materials, ist class hard wood (indian teak wood) planks of size 250 x 2000 x 15mm thick , first class hard wood (indian teak wood) batton of size 50mm x 25mm x 2000 mm, teak wood beading of size 20 mm x 4 mm 2 mtr long, fevicol aksar – sr-998, synthetic adhesive in 1 kg container , fevicol sh adhesive in 1 kg container, nails wire, screw wood 20 mm x 6 gauge of 200 nos, sand paper no. 60, paint... INR 4 Lac INR 4 Lac
12 Days to go
DID : 40400288 India | Kerala
6. Sector:Security Services Purchase of bs stores, nail (tekas) 13mm, nails 12mm, needle sewing different size, nut bolt for bed/charpoy steel for ply fixing, nut bolt for bed/charpoy steel frame fixing, nut bolt for chair steel seat fixing, peg aluminum for hat stand, piano hinges, powder amber, powder mangani, powder rosana, putty gold /glazing, pvc ring for chair/table wooden pkt of 100, rubber shoe for chair varandha pkt of 100, runner/zip 5 no size... INR 3 Lac INR 3 Lac
5 Days to go
DID : 40410528 India | Maharashtra
7. Sector:Security Services Supply of thinner t-200 for pinaka INR 20.49 K INR 20.49 K
14 Days to go
DID : 40417635 India | Maharashtra
8. Sector:Other Electrical Products Supply of Paints and thinners INR 1.00 INR 1.00
8 Days to go
DID : 40476217 India | Tamil Nadu
9. Sector:Other Electrical Products Supply of various items - cast aluminium, astm a 217 c12a castings, cast iron castings for windbox, feeder, coal nozzles (sg iron castings up to 850 kgs), castings for oil field equipments carbon,, alloy and stainless steel, qcnrv castings, hemi spehrical dished ends ¿ grade 91, hemi spehrical dished ends ¿ alloy steel (upto gr, 22), die forgings for oil field equipments carbon,, alloy and stainless steel, open forgings f91,... Refer Document
16 Days to go
DID : 39733370 India | Tamil Nadu
10. Sector:Shipping Supply of epoxy paint, acrylic paints and thinner Refer Document
21 Days to go
DID : 40179550 India | Tamil Nadu
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