Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Power Plant Supply of spanner sets (double ended- ring type and open type) 24.21 Lac 2.42 Mn
4 Days to go
DID : 39931158 India | Rajasthan
2. Sector:Railways Transport Services Supply of set of different sizes of combination ratchet spanner, specification & features as per annexure,makegedore/klann/bondbus or exact similar Refer Document
3 Days to go
DID : 39917984 India | West Bengal
3. Sector:Security Services Supply of stores - cement opc 43/53 grade, sand coarse (to be approved by consignee, authority, crushed graded aggregate 20mm (as per relevant, is), mild steel welding electrode 20kg bag, synthetic enamel paint white first quality approved, by consignee, red oxide primer , hand held re-chargeable flood light 15w led bulb, having 1000 lumens brightness, wall mounted fans 55w, 400mm sweep,, 1360rpm and 72cmm air delivery with... Refer Document
6 Days to go
DID : 40005909 India | Gujarat
4. Sector:Security Services Supply of stores - superstructure of toilet block including columns, trusses, purlins, roof, wind tie, false ceiling, doors, windows, ventilators/ wall panels complete all as shown on drg and as specified, including pcc foundation of columns, foundation bolts etc, cement ppc/opc 53 grade, sand coarse (to be approved by consignee authority, stone aggregate 20mm nominal, pcc block of size 300 x 200 x (140-150)mm, brick bats,... Refer Document
Closing today
DID : 40019400 India | Gujarat
5. Sector:Roads Supply of cat b stores, angle iron, ms angle iron, ring spanner set, parapet wall farma, rope manila, ms sheet. Refer Document
2 Days to go
DID : 40034531 India | Uttarakhand
6. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Procurement of miscellaneous aircraft parts - wing tip light 28v wheln, wing tip light 28v whelen, back plate spinner, screw, brake pad, screw, egt sensor, exhaust assy., engine mount, lord, rudde cable, seal, brake disc, shroud liner, brake lining, flap bulb, brake linging, gasket, seal push rod, cover pitot, coupler exhaust, spark plug, antenna, seal, gasket magneto, cotter pin, antenna elt, screw, nut exhaust, filter,... Refer Document
13 Days to go
DID : 40046053 India | Uttar Pradesh
7. Sector:Security Services Procurement of nbcd items, antiflash hood, arm badges, band multipurpose, battery alkaline 1.5 v lr-6, caulking shipwright’s common, cement rapid hardening, circular stopper plate complete with fittings, clamps (emm) 230 x 190 mm, co2 cartridge 200gm, commando torch(04 cell), cross cut saw, grade 3, length –500 mm, dc patrol bag, drill bits set (3mm to 12mm), m seal or equivalent, flat cold chisel 22x 200 h, button head,... Refer Document
12 Days to go
DID : 40059291 India | Multi State
8. Sector:Roads Supply of angle iron 35x35x6 mm, ms angle iron 65x65x8 mm, ring spanner set 12 pcs 6x7 to 30x32, parapet wall farma, rope manila 1/2" dia, ms sheet 4' x 8' 1mm. Refer Document
2 Days to go
DID : 40079097 India | Uttarakhand
9. Sector:Municipal Corporations Supply of sundries, stone aggregate, coarse sand, portland cement, hire charges of concrete mixer 0.25 to 0.40 cum with hopper, vibrator, stone, solid blocks, twisted steel/deformed bars, structural steel such as tees, angles, channels and r.s. joists, red oxide zinc chromate primer, welding by electric plant, water proof ply 12 mm thick, bolts and nuts, adjustable span, adjustable telescopic prop, beam clamp, second class... Refer Document
2 Days to go
DID : 40080988 India | Kerala
10. Sector:Security Services Supply of machinery and machining tools - crank case heater, packing teflon, cover bearing assy, bearing cover, blind plug, bearing cover, crank shaft ac770/870, annual inspection kit part no. kx127-2, shaft seal replacement kit part no. kxgs127, oil filter, star bearing kit, star shaft rotor & backing, star bearing housing small, star bearing housing large, rear and bearing, capacity control slides 2.2 vr, shim set, set of v... Refer Document
19 Days to go
DID : 40098428 India | Kerala
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