Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Railways Transport Services Repair cum reconditioning (rehabilitation) of 20 loco sets of pcb cards of 3-phase locomotives sanctioned under bulk rsp p.b. no. 1113/2012-13/drf' INR 7.99 Cr INR 79.93 Mn
33 Days to go
DID : 36115583 India | Delhi
2. Sector:Telecommunication Services / Equipments Annual repair contract to repair faulty pcbs of c-dot exchanges working in all ssas. INR 47.41 Lac INR 4.74 Mn
9 Days to go
DID : 35940328 India | Rajasthan
3. Sector:Railways Transport Services Supply of printed circuit board type kub 921a01. INR 30.26 Lac INR 3.02 Mn
12 Days to go
DID : 36017839 India | Telangana
4. Sector:Power Plant Purchase of excitation spares - pulse transformer unit lg6,printed circuit pgs3 card INR 26.89 Lac INR 2.68 Mn
10 Days to go
DID : 35987817 India | West Bengal
5. Sector:Education And Research Institute Annual rate contract for supply of air conditioning spare parts capillary, strainer, running capacitor, starting capacitor, starting relay, p.t.c. relay, fan capacitor, condenser motor, indoor motor, contactor, selector switch, thermostate, temp sensor, coil sensor compressor foundation rubber bush /clip, condenser motor rubber bush / clip, indoor unit blower as per require tonnage, condenser coil fan blade... INR 13 Lac INR 1.30 Mn
22 Days to go
DID : 36093189 India | Maharashtra
6. Sector:Coal and Lignite Procurement of spares - main pcb(bc kit) for motorola gp-328 radiocomplete housing for motorola gp-328 radiosingle unit rapid charger for gp-328 radioheliflex antenna(136-174 mhz) for motorola gp-328 radio. ni-cd battery for gp30nimh battery for motorola gp-328 radio required for motorola walkie taklies. INR 5.40 Lac INR 5.40 Lac
16 Days to go
DID : 36081844 India | West Bengal
7. Sector:Education And Research Institute Supply, installation & testing of pcbs for prototyping – 5 nos. as per our requirement at sinp. INR 5 Lac INR 5 Lac
19 Days to go
DID : 36099620 India | West Bengal
8. Sector:Education And Research Institute Supply of copley- psu/0389/00 amp, ez20 to ez50 pcb- 04/1400 pcb,ez series encoder rev-2. INR 5 Lac INR 5 Lac
15 Days to go
DID : 36100445 India | Maharashtra
9. Sector:Education And Research Institute Supply installation and testing of pcbs for prototyping. INR 5 Lac INR 5 Lac
19 Days to go
DID : 36106236 India | West Bengal
10. Sector:Security Services Purchasing of expendable items - resistance, 1 k ohm, 1/4 watt, diode, 2 n4007, 1/4 watt, capacitor, 5,10,8,36,45 micro farad, transformer, 12-0-12v, 500ma, 9v bty, 1.5v rechargeable bty, pencil cell 1.5v, fet, irt-40, mosfet, 3205, transistor, bc-547, bc-107, bc-741, coil, 0.01mh, relay, 12v, inductor, 0.05, ic pooler, regulator 7805lm 317, led, 1.5 volt, red, multi colour, single layer pcb, size 4"x4", solder soft, 6040,... INR 1.63 Lac INR 1.63 Lac
6 Days to go
DID : 36113720 India | Telangana
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