Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Roads Widening and Strengthening for Improvement and Up-gradation of Nh709a Garhmukteshwar ~ (chainage-83.200 of Nh24) to Meerut (chainage 9.860 of Nh-235) Including Connector to Nh-119 Package Xii. 940.68 Cr 9.40 Bn
18 Days to go
DID : 32745594 India | Uttar Pradesh
2. Sector:Health Services/Equipments Supply of essential surgical - absorbable gelatin sponge ip, size-80 mmx50mmx10mm, blood administration set / blood transfusion sesharp and easy piercing spike suitable for blood bags and standard blood containers. transparent cylindrical drip chamber with filter. filter size should be 200+20 micrometer 150 cm long smooth kink resistant tubin efficient roller clamp to control and adjust the transfusion rate., disposable... 400 Cr 4 Bn
4 Days to go
DID : 37197673 India | Assam
3. Sector:Civil Works Design, supply, construction, installation, testing and commissioning of sewage treatment plant (47.40 mld) based on open technology with mcc panel room, dg set, retaining wall around the plot including necessary backfill and all contingent civil, electrical,, mechanical, piping and instrumentation works of with three months trial run and post completion operation & maintenance of entire system for 5 years including three... INR 71.64 Cr INR 716.47 Mn
2 Days to go
DID : 37034111 India | Gujarat
4. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Implementing Smart LED Street Lights And Centralized Control & Monitoring System on EPC Mode with Operation and Maintenance of 5 (Five) years in Municipal Corporation. INR 49.23 Cr INR 492.30 Mn
15 Days to go
DID : 37750492 India | Punjab
5. Sector:Air Transport Dsitc of e-boarding system (digi-yatra) at cial
design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of e-boarding system (digi-yatra) at cial - e-gate (single narrow lane) at boarding gate, e-gate (single narrow lane) at pesc area, e-gate (single wide lane) at entrance gate, software for e-boarding system, core room infrastructure hardware, (servers, storage, switches, firewall, patch cords and any other hardware...
INR 30 Cr INR 300 Mn
24 Days to go
DID : 37509950 India | Kerala
6. Sector:Telecommunication Services / Equipments Providing electro-mechanical installations for infrastructure works of nfs sites under nfs project, korwa. (for package-ii, refurbishment in existing bldg). (sh- pdg electrical wiring, fixtures, distribution panel, ups wiring, jack earthing and associated work) INR 12.41 Cr INR 124.11 Mn
3 Days to go
DID : 37623955 India | Uttar Pradesh
7. Sector:Petroleum Products Call for offers internal / external to replace the control system, indication and alarm and all field equipment in the unit of continuous intermediary activation / u 510 / (hand switch). SYP 11.26 Cr SYP 112.63 Mn
23 Days to go
DID : 37592554 Syria | Not Classified
8. Sector:Water Storage and Supply Design, manufacture, supply, erection, trial, running, performance testing, commissioning of vt pumps, control panel, two number of e.o.t. crane including all necessary electrical and mechanical accessories for lifting of 8.53 cumecs water for total INR 9.23 Cr INR 92.33 Mn
2 Days to go
DID : 37621204 India | Madhya Pradesh
9. Sector:Civil Works Supply storage installation testing commissioning and handing over of high end medical equipments, x ray unit, x ray unit fluoroscopy, ct scan system (ct scan + examination room + control room + computer room) and service room for electrical panel, ups & servo stabilizer, pressure injector, mri 1.5t, stabilizer, online ups, c-arm image intensifier (package v) for medical college and hospital at odisha INR 8.86 Cr INR 88.67 Mn
11 Days to go
DID : 37814169 India | Orissa (Odisha)
10. Sector:Railways Transport Services Hubballi division hubballi-londa section balance works of construction of road over bridge of span 2x30.00m +1x15.00m psc girder (railway portion) and re panels in approaches at km.495/900-496/000 in lieu of level crossing no.305 between kyarakoppa & mugad station INR 7.41 Cr INR 74.11 Mn
3 Days to go
DID : 37437434 India | Karnataka
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