Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Chemicals Supply of surgical small instruments ambu bag with valve - adult (silicon), ambu bag with valve - paediatric (silicon), ambu bag with valve - neonatal (silicon), bains circuit plastic i so, laryngoscope with blade (adult) (4 blades) stainless steel handle with two medium size battery, laryngoscope with blade (paediatric) (4 blades) stainless steel handle with two medium size battery, oxygen regulator with humidifier bottle +... INR 3.77 Cr INR 37.72 Mn
7 Days to go
DID : 40321260 India | Maharashtra
2. Sector:Municipal Corporations Supply of material - stone dust ( for masonary work), structural steel, tor steel for rienforcement, binding wire 18 guage, glass, precast cc (11.53) rings size 2.5 ft dia & hight 1.25 ft , compressor, hydrolic excavater/ jcb (bucket capacity 0.4 cum), for mg nrega and rd works for financial year 2020-21 for gp dhingaria ps surajgarh nit. INR 35 Lac INR 3.50 Mn
4 Days to go
DID : 40375745 India | Rajasthan
3. Sector:Railways Transport Services Supply and fitment of front lookout glasses of polycarbonate laxen mergard or equivalent for replacement of wind screen in demu dpcs at demu car shed budgam. INR 22.86 Lac INR 2.28 Mn
15 Days to go
DID : 40396859 India | Multi State
4. Sector:Security Services Provision of aluminium window with galss in technical area at af station tezpur under ge (af). INR 14.40 Lac INR 1.44 Mn
18 Days to go
DID : 40458516 India | Assam
5. Sector:Security Services Replacement of double layer tinted glass of main atc tower at af stn, 12 Lac 1.20 Mn
Closing today
DID : 40293502 India | Punjab
6. Sector:Security Services Supply of sanitation electric and misc items - nahane ka sabun branded, kapde dhone ka sabun branded, washing powder branded, sarso oil branded, nariyal oil branded, colgate paste, tooth brush branded, chuna putai ka kalidar dheli, pili mitti, pani ke matke may dakkan 15 leter, brush putai ka bada 6 inchi branded, fenyle branded, kunchi putai 01 fut, bans jhadoo lambai 3 fit, khajoor jhadoo lambai 2 fit, plastic mugge 2... 10 Lac 1 Mn
13 Days to go
DID : 40103706 India | Madhya Pradesh
7. Sector:Security Services Supply of (1) various types of pressure die casting (07 items).(2) various types of investment casting (13 items).(3) various types of brass material (13 types).(4) various types of glass items (23 types) INR 8.14 Lac INR 8.14 Lac
14 Days to go
DID : 40271146 India | Uttaranchal
8. Sector:Health Services/Equipments Supply of non cat laboratory items box for 50 glass slides (plastic made), cover glass, cover glass square in 10 gm packet, pipette (5ml,10ml), micropipette, automatic fixed volume dispenser of different volume with spare parts 10,20,50,100,200,500,1000 micro , conical flax (500 ml, 1000 ml), measuring cylinder (100 ml,500ml,1000 ml), test tube & 6 1/2, test tube borosilicate glass 12 mm x 75 mm and 13 mm x 100 mm thick wall... INR 5.88 Lac INR 5.88 Lac
11 Days to go
DID : 40437184 India | West Bengal
9. Sector:Telecommunication Services / Equipments Supply of Ptfe- woven glass microwave laminates INR 4 Lac INR 4 Lac
Closing today
DID : 40390114 India | Maharashtra
10. Sector:Security Services Supply of furniture materials, ist class hard wood (indian teak wood) planks of size 250 x 2000 x 15mm thick , first class hard wood (indian teak wood) batton of size 50mm x 25mm x 2000 mm, teak wood beading of size 20 mm x 4 mm 2 mtr long, fevicol aksar – sr-998, synthetic adhesive in 1 kg container , fevicol sh adhesive in 1 kg container, nails wire, screw wood 20 mm x 6 gauge of 200 nos, sand paper no. 60, paint... INR 4 Lac INR 4 Lac
12 Days to go
DID : 40400288 India | Kerala
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