Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Other Services Supply of processing of reagents and consumables 6 - mechanical ventilator /icu ventilator (make hamilton; model galileo gold), flow sensor adult, flow sensor for pediatric, flow sensor for neonetal, oxygen sensor, heater cable, heater sensor, heater wire adapter, expiratory filter, inspiratory filter, power cord, battery, pm kit for compressor, pm kit for ventilator, ventilator circuit with humidifier and water trap... 30 Lac 3 Mn
7 Days to go
DID : 37902491 India | Meghalaya
2. Sector:Chemicals Supply of ecg machine trolley /2020-21. INR 22.54 Lac INR 2.25 Mn
10 Days to go
DID : 40464075 India | Maharashtra
3. Sector:Chemicals Supply of ecg machine 12 channel /2019-20 17.60 Lac 1.76 Mn
19 Days to go
DID : 40253470 India | Maharashtra
4. Sector:Security Services Supply of dept of cardiac anaesthesia (ctvs ot), spinal needle 26g,120mm and 150 mm, ecg electrodes (disposable)pediatric pack of 50, pressure monitoring line 200 cms, sterile,clear, central venous catheter four lumen, eo chemical indicator tape, eo gas cartridge 100gm, steam indicatore tape, biological indictor for steam box, anaesthesia procedure kit,containing,surgical gown -01.cut sheet spun lace absorbent top with... INR 16.16 Lac INR 1.61 Mn
15 Days to go
DID : 40462949 India | Delhi
5. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Rate contract for purchase of accessories, SPO2 Probe with extension (Adult) for Ultima Model, ecg Cable (5 leads) for Ultima Model, NIBP Hose with Cuff for Magna Model, channel ecg Cable for ecg Machine 6208 view model for bpl make equipments under medical and public health services, dnh for the year 2020-21. INR 9.98 Lac INR 9.98 Lac
11 Days to go
DID : 40412677 India | Gujarat
6. Sector:Chemicals Supply of video eeg machine /2019-20 8 Lac 8 Lac
14 Days to go
DID : 40227356 India | Maharashtra
7. Sector:Chemicals Supply of ecg machine /2020-21 INR 5.85 Lac INR 5.85 Lac
5 Days to go
DID : 40472602 India | Maharashtra
8. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Hospital beds.
Delivery of an ultrasound scanner, general anesthesia machines, stainers with cap, volumetric and syringe pumps with a stand, ecg machines, ecg recorders.
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5 Days to go
DID : 40228306 Poland | Not Classified
9. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Electrocardiogram.
Supply of ONN equipment for follow-up care - ecg devices.
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4 Days to go
DID : 40258008 Czech Republic | Not Classified
10. Sector:Security Services Local purchase of expendable medical stores surgical items and consumables, "apparatus anaesthetic face mask (anitistatic) with , air cushion (transparent) size 2 medium", "apparatus anaesthetic face mask (antistatic) with, air , cushion (transparent) size 3 adult with valve", apparatus oxygen inhalation portable facemask disposable for, "catherer suction endobronchial with terminal transparent, non toxic pvc tubing size fg... Refer Document
3 Days to go
DID : 40319340 India | Rajasthan
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