Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Municipal Corporations Supply of stationary item all pin packet, carbon packet, gum bottle, stamp pad, fax roll, slip pad, page marker, file tag, fevistick, cello tape, pencil, marker pen, CD marker pen, highlight pen, sketch pen, uniball pen, ball pen, DVD, envelop, register, photo state paper rim, stick plastic folder, stapler, stapler pin, paper cutter, sharpener. INR 7 Lac INR 7 Lac
2 Days to go
DID : 35771306 India | Rajasthan
2. Sector:Municipal Corporations Supply of allpin box, allpin cushion, carbon packet, gum bottle, erase pen, stamp pad, stamp pad ink, fax roll, slip pad, page marker, needle, file lace, file tag, fevistick, cello tap, pencil, marker pen, cd marker pen, highlight pen, scratch pen, pen, ball pen, cd -r, d.v.d, cd envelope, register, photo state paper, dak pad, stick plastic folder, stapler, stapler pin, safety pen, paper cutter, sharpener/ eraser. INR 7 Lac INR 7 Lac
2 Days to go
DID : 35773608 India | Rajasthan
3. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Supply of active carbon for the gas purification plant of the Cerceda environmental complex EUR 5.61 Lac EUR 5.61 Lac
15 Days to go
DID : 35831201 Spain | Not Classified
4. Sector:Telecommunication Services / Equipments Supply of general stationery and computer consumables anti virus, pen drive, printer cartridge, printer ribbon, toner cartridge zerox machine, alpin, attendance resister, calculator, carbon paper, cash book, cello tape, dumper, envelope, correction fluid ( whitener), file cover, file cover with eyelet & logo printed, file folder, gum fevi stick, gum tube, high lighter pen, a4 size paper, note sheet, pen gel, pen pilot, pen... INR 2 Lac INR 2 Lac
4 Days to go
DID : 35876326 India | Uttar Pradesh
5. Sector:Recreational Services Supply of stationary – white paper, carbon, register, stamp pad, gum, file cover, file pad, less, envelope, photostat ream, type ream, log book, stapler, pin, calculator, slip pad, needle, tag, lock, whitener, cash book, plastic folder, folding pad, diary, calendar etc. INR 2 Lac INR 2 Lac
4 Days to go
DID : 35967045 India | Rajasthan
6. Sector:Dairy Products Supply of office stationary - allpin 100 gm make bell, basta cloth (3ft.x3ft. ), duplicate book big copy size, envelope/window envelope, voucher file, file covers cobra, pashi pad, lace bundles, rule paper full size, punching machine big dp 280, punching machine small dp 600, photocopy paper, gum 300 ml, gum 700 ml, attendance register 2 no., attendance register 3 no., attendance register 4 no., tags (small size), stapler pin... INR 2 Lac INR 2 Lac
11 Days to go
DID : 36032946 India | Madhya Pradesh
7. Sector:Recreational Services Supply of stationary, account book, paper rim, carbon signal side, register, all pin, gum bottle, file cover, pen whitener, white wood pad. INR 2 Lac INR 2 Lac
2 Days to go
DID : 36038069 India | Rajasthan
8. Sector:Power Plant Supply of stationary items register 6qr, photostat paper, green sheet, file cover (spring), stapler, calculator, punch machine(small), single punch, ink pad, paper pin, pin cushion, clip, carbon paper(blue, a-4 size), scale(12” steel), dust bin, envelop (big)c4(229mmx324mm), gum paste(700ml), envelop(small) dl(110mmx220mm, printer cartridge, prodot, carbon paper(big), invoice book (1book=25x4 page), file(ordinary), work shop... 1.97 Lac 1.97 Lac
10 Days to go
DID : 35436016 India | Uttar Pradesh
9. Sector:Railways Transport Services Supply of carbon sliding strip (sk 85 cu),part no.-sk-1590 for maintenance for pantograph of m/s.schunkmetal & carbon(india) make for 3 phase locos. Refer Document
1 Day to go
DID : 35254071 India | Jharkhand
10. Sector:Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Supply of activated carbon collection and reactivation of the activated carbon. Refer Document
29 Days to go
DID : 35415650 Netherland | Not Classified
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