Tender Description Value Due Date
1. Sector:Other Electrical Products Procurement of electrical lab items-instrument test bench, instrument workbenches, digital data acquisition recorder with integrated printer, digital transient recorder with integrated pc, set 24 volts dc source; as per latest technology, soldering iron sets with ac power supply, galvanic separation, temperature, stabilized tips sets, holders, etc. for each workbench, stationary solder remover with vacuum pump, pipes, tips,... 10 Cr 100 Mn
3 Days to go
DID : 35626522 India | Tamil Nadu
2. Sector:Tourism Development of pathway, mandar manch, thematic entrance gate with benches and lights under mandar hill and ang pradesh circuit INR 5.10 Cr INR 51.06 Mn
1 Day to go
DID : 36084721 India | Bihar
3. Sector:Security Services Provision of furniture, bath mat (fd-253), bin linen multi purpose (fd-1104), black board with easel (fd-71m), chair easy (fd-229), chair dining (fd-279), chair writing (fd-280), chair draftsman (fd-204), desk stand lecture (fd-1022), dressing chest with mirror (db-3956), hot case (small) (fd-363), hat stand with mirror (fd-233), hot case (large) (fd-46m) , meat safe (fd-47m), safe meat & milk (db-4140), peg table (fd-277),... INR 2.82 Cr INR 28.20 Mn
25 Days to go
DID : 35788389 India | Assam
4. Sector:Railways Transport Services Raising of rail level/medium level platform to high level platform at birsola,hatta road,waraseoni and katangi station with provision of water booths benches,small shelters refixing,toilets urinals etc.under the jurisdiction of aden/nainpur INR 2.44 Cr INR 24.45 Mn
18 Days to go
DID : 36038346 India | Maharashtra
5. Sector:Railways Transport Services Provision of 2nd entry at fdb station by development of circulating area, entry gate , parking area , toilet complex development of green patch, pathway, booking counter and improvement to platform surface by vdc flooring, pf coping, divyang friendly toilets meta colour sheets on platform shelter, covering of fob, station name boards pf benches at fdb ,bvh,fdn stations of hnzm-pwl section INR 2.25 Cr INR 22.52 Mn
9 Days to go
DID : 35962313 India | Delhi
6. Sector:Municipal Corporations Supply of material stone dust zero metal, hard copra, flag stone 2' x 6' 3" thickness, p/f of temperary toilet gents and ladies, providing and fixing of green mat, p/f stain less steel make hand railing, 250mm diameter pile, c.i. bench, b.s metal 20, at various places of city zone 01 to 19 INR 1.99 Cr INR 19.99 Mn
5 Days to go
DID : 35938078 India | Madhya Pradesh
7. Sector:Education And Research Institute Supply of furniture- tables, benches, chairs and iron wardrobes. INR 1.85 Cr INR 18.59 Mn
3 Days to go
DID : 35949683 India | Andhra Pradesh
8. Sector:Security Services Purchase of furniture items, operation theatre table, linen distribution trolley, hi-lo icu bed s.s. with mattress, bedside locker (s.s.), attendant stool, bed side screen (three fold), fowler’s bed with mattress, semi fowler beds with mattress, baby craddle, paediatric bed, beds with side railing, medicine cabinet, almirah - standard size, saline stand, stretcher on trolley, wheel chair, dressing trolley, delivery table... INR 1.50 Cr INR 15 Mn
2 Days to go
DID : 35866440 India | Delhi
9. Sector:Education And Research Institute Supply of furniture desk bench. INR 1.48 Cr INR 14.82 Mn
11 Days to go
DID : 36085851 India | Uttar Pradesh
10. Sector:Railways Transport Services Repairs to pf surfaces ,ornamental walls and repairs to pf benches & taps and other passenger amenity works at stations between kym to hvm. INR 1.34 Cr INR 13.47 Mn
3 Days to go
DID : 35658732 India | Andhra Pradesh
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