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DID : 40097335
Requirement : Supply of materials jute rope, coconut rope, poly rope, shovels, lime dust, poly top, limestone powder, gypsum, rice husk/ sugar baggase (as per availability in local market), coco peat (loose) not more then 10% moisture content, coco peat, farm yard manure/cowdung, vermi compost, neem based vermi compost , neem khol or other oil seed cake, bone dust, sesbania grandiflora / bok ful, murraya koenigii (l.) sprengel / curry leaf, neem oil 10000 ppm, 2:1:1 npk based organic manure, 5:1:1 npk based organic manure, hypopot (150 cc), hypopot (300 cc), hypopot (500 cc), poly tube (4" x 6" ), poly tube (6" x 8" ), poly tube (8" x 12" ), poly pot of 8"x4", poly pot of 8"x8", poly pot of 12"x8", bio pesticides, bio fungicides, growth regulating chemicals naa, iba, dormancy breaking chemicals ga, ethril, copper oxychloride 50%, imida-chlorpide 17.8% sl, carbofuran-3g, chloropyriphos 50% ec, zinc phosphide, carbendazim 50 wp fungicides i.e bavistin, seed treating chemicals, spraying machine (hire) per day, hand held sprayer 1 lit. capacity, secateurs, garden hoe, garden rake, heavy garden scissor, long head hand sickle, budding and grafting tep (3 cm & 100 m), budding cum grafting knife, fogger 4 way, pan wheel barrow, grafting knife, poly sheet for grafting, hoes, tag, board for plant variety name, paddy straw, tarpaulin sheets uv protected for low cost agro-shade, agro shade net, uv poly film 200 micron, insect proof net, nylon net, uv wire, poly sheet for mulching, lock & key, mugs, buckets, jharii / rose can, polly bottle 2 lit, earthen pot of 5 lit capacity, sieve, filter funnel, water can (5 lit.), carrage charge of water for rsp only (per time), electric wire, switch board, pump 0.5 bhp (electric run), locking spring (zig zag), lateral pipe 16 mm, control valve 40 mm, flash valve, screen filter, modular sprinkler, shower, bamboo, wire, rent of jcb machine for miywaki only, drums big size, good earth carrage, nail, silver sand, good quality fine sand supply, redimade bemboo fencing material of a hight of five ft., cib for all type of community plantation works, 3/4 d pvc pipe, amrapali mango grafted, mallika mango grafted, chatterjee mango grafted, himsagar mango grafted, langra mango grafted, alphonso mango grafted, kohitur mango grafted, maya mango grafted, austin mango grafted, lily mango grafted, ratna mango grafted, neelam mango grafted, gopal bhog mango grafted, khirsa mango grafted, gulabkhas mango grafted, deshari mango grafted, others mango grafted, khaja / l-49 guava layering, allahabed safeda guava layering, sathugudi sweet orange budded, vikram / ramalini acid lime budded / seedling, bau kul-1 apple kul air layerd, china, bombai litchi air layerd, calcutta round/cricket ball sapota grafted, ra jamun, jam budded, golden (nmk-1)/ arka sahan/ arka nilachal vikram, aata grafted, kiwi abbott, monty cutting, j-33/ jackfruit grafted, vnr-1 / arka kiran/ guava saplings layering, g & y dwarf/ coconut saplings from seed, costal tall/ coconut saplings from seed, honey crisp/anna/ tropical beauty/dorsett golden/ apple saplings budded, le conte/ pathar nack/ pear cutting, tenera/ oil palm saplings from seed, honey dew, coorg green, red lady, thailand 786, papaya saplings, darogaji/ bael budded saplings, iteema/ arabian date ( m & f) tissue culture saplings, red flesh/ dragon fruits saplings rooted cutting, local egg fruit saplings cutting, capri, pedro/ fig saplings cutting, thar kamal/ karonda air layerd, bhagwa/ pomegranate tissue culture, arka. e25/11 / thompson seed less/ grape vine root cutting, fair fox, ofra, sweet charly, winter dawn/ straw berry cutting, kkm-1/ moringa saplings from seed, g-9/ banana saplings tissue culture, bahula/ banana saplings tissue culture, local/ mangosteen cutting, purple & yellow/ passion fruits saplings cutting, local bilimbi cutting, tanaka, advance loquat cutting, local phalsa cutting, black, s-36/ mulberry cutting, balanagar. apk-1/ annona cutting, alfred, baiti/ apricot saplings cutting, indian hug plum local cutting, local pomelo air layered, local khirni cutting, j pink, white/ water apple cutting, seedlings, tea cutting, coffee cutting, rubber buded stamp, local varietty agarwood seedlings/ buded plant, local variety lemon grass slips, local variety cinchona seeds, local variety star fruit cutting, red, pink, d pink/ china rose budded, menu parley/10 common/ rose variety budded saplings, pink & white/ lotus rhizome, jasmine seedlings, marrigold, karabi, gervera,orchid other flowers, hybrids cutting, panchami, kari munda, pannyur-1/ black pepper, sugandha/ nutmeg budded, viswam/ long pepper budded, navashree/ cinnamon budded, penang clove/ budded, maghalaya local/ bay leaf budded, duranto hedge cutting, kali bangla betel vine (bangla) cutting, mitha pan betel vine (mitha) cutting, mohitnagar betel nut seed, local water chest nut sucker at baghmundi gram panchayat for the financial year 2020-21
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EMD : INR 87,297
Closing date : 13/07/2020
Document sale date : 13-07-2020
Location : India-West Bengal

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