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Requirement : Supply of operational stores, cgi sheet 8'x3' x 0.63mm thick with galvanished of 175 grade of zinc coating (galvanisation as per is-429) make : sail/tata (isi marked), profile sheet having dimension of 10'x3'x0.63mm and provided with high rib profile and pre colour coated with og colour on both the sides. high degree of zinc galvanization to prevent the sheet from early rusting due to rainwater and moisture in the atmosphere. the coating on the sheet to come with a warranty of one year. make jindal/tata/ sail, steel roofing trough (srt) 10' long made out of 2mm thick @ 27 kgs each with tolerance -2% to +5%, hot rolled carbon steel sheet conforming to is specification with 16 nos 12mm dia long bolt, machine made (heavy duty) complete threaded with one nut and two washer of 30mm outer diameter and 3mm thick, per bolt, per srt. the overall width of srt shall be 613mm and height shall be 180mm. the srt shall be applied with one shop coat of red oxide primer. the shape of srt shall be regular and angle of bending shall be maintaned properly. the srt not found properly in shape shall be rejected. make : sail/ tata/ jindal, angle iron of size 75mmx75mm x6mm angle2.4 m long with min weight of 6.8 kgs/mtr with tolerance +/- 5% with one coat of red oxide. make tata/jindal/sail., a' (revised) picket of size 75mmx75mm x6m angle 4.215m long measured along the internal dimension incl v swan nech with min weight of 28.662 kgs with tolerance +/- 5% with one coat of red oxide. make tata/jindal/sail., b' (revised) picket of size 65mmx65mm x6m angle 2.55m long with min weight of 14.79 kgs with tolerance +/- 5% with one coat of red oxide with holes and notches. steel to be conforming to relevent is specification. make tata/jindal/sail., barbed wire. galvanized iron two strands barbed wire hot rolled of 2.5mm dia line wire and 2.00mm dia wire for barbs. weight shall be approximately 120gm per meter with the tolerance of +2%. the distance between two barbs shall be 75mm plus or minus 12mm. gi barbed wire be confirming to is : 278-1978. the galvanized barbed wire shall be manufactured from hot dipped galvanized mild steel wire confirming to is : 280-1972p, "protective wall cage.protective wall cage made of 8mm steel tor (make :- sail tmt/ jindal tmt/ tata tmt) one coat of red oxide primer as per is 2062-1999 with specification of weight kg/m being not less than 0.395 kg. the basket will be size as under :-, (a) length - 90 cm, (b) width - 60cm, (c) height - 75cm, the mesh will be of a dimension 15cm x 15cm with all four corners of basket hinged with rings made of 10mm tor, dia 1.25 inch with a total of 20 rings (5 nos each corner). each wall cage to have 04 nos of clamps. clamps should consist of two nos of ms plate of size (lxbxc) 100mm x 40mm x 4mm with 2 nos of holes as mentioned in drawing, 2 nos of 50mm x 8mm full threading nut and bolts as shown in the drawing be provided with the each clamp alongwith the washer with each nut bolt. one coat of red oxide primer to be applied to entire cage surface., ", punched tape concertina coil (including spike handle) with 50 turns and dia 1050 mm having a 2.6 mm dia core wire of high carbon spring steel of high tensile strength. the punched tape and core wire are elecyrogalvanised to provide protection against outdoor exposure. the punched tape is machenically crimped over the cover wire and then formed in to a coil at various parts of the periphery of the coil steel clips connect the individual turns of the coil to each other so that it opens up like an accordion. the width of barbed as 9mm and spacing of clips 23.5 mm to 24.5 mm c/c the weight of each coil will be 15.2 +5% kgs without packing material and coil length 15 mtr when opened up. each coil wowound with bituminized hession cloth for providing protection coating as per specification no ind/eng/prov/1245 is for raw material and drawing imga 0112/b (sheet 1 of2) , impd-1821/b and impd-1822/b., laip 50x50x6mm 1800mm long make tata/sail/jindal (isi marked) minium weight 8.1 kg each laip, saip 50x50x6mm 0.45m' long make tata/sail/jindal (isi marked) minium weight 3.375 kg each saip, punjies 5 prong made of 8 mm dia ms bar having weight 0.55 kg each +/- 5% tolerance in weight. one coat of zinc cromate primer shall be provided to the punjies after welding work., rhs 50 x 25 x 2.9mm make : tata/jindal, ldpe film as per is 2508-1984 shall contain not less than 2.0% of carbon black of an average particle size 300 micron, 4 fit wide and sufficient adhesive of fixing. make : silpaulin/supreme (colour og/black), pbs roll of size 20 mtr x 1.00 mtr of thickness 1.5mm make : standard isi marked, glazed ceramic wall tilies 7mm thick make : kajaria/j&j, vitrified coloured floor tiles of size 600mm x 600 mm x10 mm thick make : kajaria/j&j, wooden ballies 3” x 10' long, gi nails 4”, m seal each packet 200 gm. make- pidilite, stainless steel kunda 6”, steel butt hinges 3", ''65mm thick bullet resistance glass for loop holes with iron frame include necessary arrangements will be made in the frame to fixe the glass in the loop holes. the frame will be pre painted with two coats of red oxide primer of approved make sample approved. the rear side of glass will be covered using 01 no transparent polycarbonate sheet of 1.25 mm thickness. the glass should be safe against ak-47/slr & sniper rifle of caliber 7.62 mm as per testing norms from range of 10 m. the glass will be of same specification as approved in the sample and size as under 1. size - 1 feetx2 feet , note – sample to be produced for field testing during tech evaluation of bid alongwith ballistic test report from a govt recognised ballistic testing facility with essential testing criteria as under:- , (i) wpn - slr/ak-47 , (ii) amn - 7.62mm , (iii) range - 10 m, (iv) acceptable performance – no perforation or crack , vitreous china wash hand basin of size 540x300mm with connected accessories make : cera/parryware, pvc low level flushing cistern 7.5 ltr capacity including flushing pipe. make cera/parryware/hindware, looking mirror of size 600x450mm make : modiguard, "vitreous china urinals, bowl type (back or corner wall type), complete including providing and fixing plugs, including 60mm long brass screws , make : cera/hindiware/parryware, ", pvc flexible waste pipe for wash hand basin 32mm dia 1.20 mtr long, hdpe jerrican 35 ltrs capacity made of hdpe virgin food grade material weight of jerrican not less than 1.50 kg., pvc water storage tank 1000 ltr 3 layer uv protected make : syntex, hdpe sand bags (uv proofed) barrel type double stitched at one end std quality with inside lamination size 840x360mm with suitable tying cord as per is 14252-1995 and weight of each bag not less than 85 gm colour khaki., synthetic enamel paint white colour make : asian/jhonson & nicholson/nelolac, red oxide primer make : asian/jhonson & nicholson/nelolac, oil based distemper (obd) of make: asian/berger/shalimar, weather coat exterior emulsion .make : asian,berger / johnson & nicholson., gypsum board false ceiling. texture finished gypsum board false ceiling panel of size 600 x 600 mm 9 mm thick with water proofing film on back side make:saint gobain/everest/gyproc, along with powder coated aluminium snap grid frame work with suitable ‘t’ and ‘l’ section. the false ceiling panels are placed onto a suspended grid frame of size 605 x 605 mm made of aluminium ‘l’ &‘t’ sections of 0.60 mm conforming to is. the false ceiling grid is suspended from the roof framework with the help of galvanized wire of 3.0 mm dia. the finished clear height of the false ceiling shall be 2.80 m., water proof plywoo
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EMD : 263,750
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Closing date : 20/12/2019
Document sale date : 20-12-2019
Location : India-Jammu-kashmir

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