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Corrigendum - 1 Published On : 18-12-2019
Corrigendum Details : change in BOQ
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DID : 37662369
Requirement : Provision of furniture - almirah large steel, complete, almirah small steel, complete, almirahg map steel, complete, book case steel, complete, notice board 1220x2440mm, black board with easel and, bath stool pvc, complete, chair easy, complete all as, chair writing, complete all, chair cb steel with arms, chair dinning ofr jcos/or, chair executive senior, chair revolving, charpoy ip hard top, chair cb spl with hand, desk, complete all as, drugget 3m x 2m, complete, hat stand with mirror, locker steel, complete, peg table, complete, pointer long, complete, pointer medium, complete, pointer small, complete, meat safe and milk, complete, side rack with tray steel, sofa set 3 seater, complete, sofa set 5 seater, complete, sofa set 2 seater, complete, stool steel 510mm, table 3'x2' with drawer, table 3'x2' with out, durrie 20'x18', complete, table 900 x900 x, table serving steel, table centre two, table office clk steel, table for senior, display board 6ft, rack piegon holes, table dinning 6, table cook house, teapoy verandah, trestle store room, peg set of three, receptacle pvc, form with out back, form with back, complete, book shelf open large, bar stool steel, bed hard steel, chair dinning, chair easy with, chair verandah, chair writing, chair barber with adjustable neck rest, cabinet filling 4 drawers, chair cba steel with arms and padded, chair draughtsman, carpet woollen, hot case large, mirror large 48", rack magazine, plate rack steel, rostrum, complete, side board, complete, table centre, table pantry, table dressing, table dressing, table executive, teapoy verandah, table card, complete, table for projector, table bed side, pointer telescopic, pointer telescopic, table laboratory, table draughtsman, table for duplicator, desk stand lecture, ladder aluminium, rack for 20 rifles, bench workshop, chair for table, chair wb, complete, stool dressing, desk with dias, table 1800mm, table laboratory, black board with, chair cb steel, table 1200mm, rack steel 3 tier for otm accommodation of mtn bde hq and bde sig coy at tenga underge 859 ews.
Company Industry: Security Services

Key values

Document fees : 1,000
EMD : 138,250
Tender Estimated cost : 7,550,000
Closing date : 30/12/2019
Document sale date : 23-12-2019
Location : India-West Bengal

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