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DID : 37657634
Requirement : Supply of general items - aaa cell / aa cell, acid, agriculture net (green), aldrop steel 12", alluminium door handle 12", alluminium door sheet, alluminium l angle 12 feet, angle iron, blade mock, bleaching powder, bostique solution, broom soft, broom stick, bucket plastic 20l, cgi sheet plane, china nails ½”, ¾”, china nails 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4”., chitkani steel 8" (tower bolt), chuna, cotton rasi, detergent (washing powder), distemper, door ply 19mm water proof, door ply 32mm water proof flush door, drill bit for iron, drill bit for wall, drill bit for wooden, dustbin 60 ltr, dustbin small 20 ltr, emali 3" / 4", fevicol, fevicol ddl, fiber glass for windows 4mm, foot mat (2'x3') synthetic (dura turf), foot mat 2'x3' coir, foot mat rubber (2'x3'), gi wire, glass black 4 mm, glass runner, glass running channel aluminum 2 way, 3 way, 4 way, glass white 4 mm, grass cutting head for grass cuting machine, grass cutting talwar, gum boot, hacksaw blade double side, hair trimmer, hdpe pipe 1”, iron cutter blade big, iron cutter blade small size, iron saria tmt bars, kabja 1 1/2" (hinges), kabja 2" (hinges), kabja 3" (hings), kabja 5" (hinges), kudal with stick, kulhari 500gms with stick, lock 7 liver, long mirror 18”x4’’with frame, matching screw 3/4"or, 2" (500 in pkt), metal polish, metal primer, mop, mug 1l, nails ½”, ¾”,, nails3/4" 17 no, napthelene ball, national flag full size, x4', nose mask, nut & bolts, nut & bolts (half thread), nylon rassi, paint green, paint red, paint white, paint sky blue, paint yellow, paint brown, paint black, paint (silver/ gold), paint brush 2", paint brush 3", paint brush 4", phenol, pipe flexible 1" synthetic thread inserted, ply 12mm water proof, ply 6mm water proof, ply 8mm water prof, putty, nails 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”,, 5", pvc beat 3/4 ", pvc grip (gitti), robin blue, sand paper, screw 1 1/2" wooden, screw 1" wooden, screw 1/2" wooden, screw 2" wooden, screw 3/4" wooden, screw metal 1 1/2", screw metal 1", screw metal 2", screw metal 3", screw metal 3/4", self screw 1" (pkt of 100), self screw 1/2" (1000 in pkt) black, self screw 2" (pkt of 100), self screw 3 " (pkt of 100), self screw black 1", 100 in pkt), silicon tube, snocem, ss net, ss pipe 1", ss rod 6mm, ss welding rod, stainer, sunmica, detergent high quality, teak wood bit 1 1/2", teak wood bit 1", thermite (lethol), thinner, venior ply durian / century (teak design), washing soda, water bottle 20l for dispenser, welding rod for iron, wood polish/ clear warnish, wood primer, zinc oxide, sand, bricks, chips small, chips big, cement first quality, white cement, mosquito refill, mosquito machine with refill, hand wash, refill for hand wash, soap for bath small for year 2019 and 2020.
Company Industry: Security Services

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Tender Estimated cost : INR 500,000
Closing date : 18/12/2019
Document sale date : 18-12-2019
Location : India-Bihar

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