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DID : 37350108
Requirement : Supply erection and commissioning of machineries and equipments - experimental set up for pressure, measurement consisting of air compressor,, pressure vessel, pressure transmitter, controller recorder and final control element., computer i.e closed loop system or full scope, system i.e pressure instrumentation process, control trainer / simulator, level measurement equipment for solid, sonic, solid level, microwave, capacitance probe,, point level detector, vibrating fork type, seismic instrument, experimental set up for measuring and, controlling of temperature consisting of, measuring, controlling, indicating, recording, and final controlling elements, complete, closed loop system with simulator., flow control loop set with flow controller, recorder, dp transmitter, receiver, unit control, valve and impulse line, computer complete, experimental set-up for flow measurement, experimental closed loop set up for solid flow, measurement and control with storage vessel,, hopper, solid flow senor, controller, recorder, and final control element, level control set up with level transmitter,, level recorder controller and control valve, complete experimental setup or level, simulator., multifunction process control system, consisting of level, flow, temperature,, pressure with remote set point control, ratio,, cascade and feed forward with feedback loops, with computer interface and software., pressure transducer training kits, potentiometer, capacitive, reluctive, strain, gauge, lvdt, loadcell servo type, piezo, resistive., level transmitter (interface), (hart / field bus / profibus compatible), real pid controller training kit with hart /, field bus devices consisting operations of feed, forward, cascade ratio controlling., microprocessor trainer kit,, analog dual trace cro 30 mhz, radiation pyrometer with all accessories, pid controller trainer consisting of instrument, panel digital computer interface system., programmable logic controller (micro plc), trainer., hart / fieldbus communicator., hydraulic trainer., pneumatic trainer, ph meter (digital) portable., hart device communicator and calibrator., integrator direct level indicator trainer (hook, type, sight glass type, float type level, indicator)., optical pyrometer with all accessories., strip chart and pneumatic recorder both single, and multipoint., different type of control valves such as gate, valves, globe valves, ball valves. diaphragm, valves. butterfly valves etc, electrically, actuator pneumatic actuated and hydraulic, actuated., cut section models various types of control, valve., data acquisition system (das)., dead weight tester and comparator., diaphragm type pressure gauges of various, ranges., scr driven / controlled power supply trainer., coriolis mass flow meter., vapour pressure thermometer., digital temperature calibrator mv /, ma/injector and measuring unit., electric actuators., pneumatic and hydraulic actuators., hart / field bus final control element (two, different type), experimental set up for online ph, measurement., experimental set up for online dissolved, oxygen measurement., wire type strain gauge (load cell/cantilever, beam) instrument., p to i and i to p converter., hart / field devices (pressure / flow / level), micro wave diathermy, bed side monitor, defibrillator, pace maker, 60ma mobile x-ray equipment, dental x-ray equipment, dental chair, pulse oximeter, operation theatre lighting system, refrigerator, baby incubator, ventilators, c.r.o (20 mhz), digital storage oscilloscope (20mhz), ultrasound doppler, cpap, bipap, nebulizer, photo therapy, radiant warmer, ot table, icu cot, tmt, water bath, incubator, muscle stimulator, refrigeration and air conditioning tutor, air conditioners, dark room accessories, welding simulator to various trades in govt itis in tamil nadu.
Company Industry: Education And Research Institute

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Tender Estimated cost : INR 40,000,000
Closing date : 12/12/2019
Document sale date : 12-12-2019
Location : India-Tamil Nadu

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