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DID : 36148171
Requirement : Supply of material and electrical pump repairs, 1 & 2 hp monoblock electric pump riding. cash per rat, hp bucket electric pump rewinding, b. small parts of cmfa, third bearing suit. cash per rat, motor cover bus, cut the bush to throw the roto, gm body bus, distance body bus, coupler body bus, still sleeve bus, still coupler and ke, fans still sha, one side for hitting the pipe threa, 2 inch couplings per cash rat, ample new deal. per cash rat, stage casing is new. per cash rat, 2 inch pump amprel and cavity se, gi adapter of 8 inch pum, new installation of 2 inch pump housin, joint rope per foot rate across all sizes, 2 hp electric pump bearing, 3 h p. monoblock electric pump bearin, 3 h p. coupled electric pump bearin, d. 2hp to 3hppanbuddy literatur, cover bush for 1 hp windmill pum, cover rate bush for 2.4 hp windmill pum, cover bush for 1 hp windmill pum, third bearing suit for 3 hp pump, cut the bush and throw the roto, insert the motor's silvery bus, e. 5 hp to 3 hp starte, 2 hp to 3 hp starter coi, cash rates per 2 hp to 3 hp starter addresse, 2 hp to 1 hp starter relay uni, 2 hp to 3 hp starter coi, cash rates per 2 hp to 3 hp starter addresses, 2 hp to 1 hp starter relay unit. cash rate per unit, hp starter quill, hp starter silver contact addresses, 2 hp new starte, f. fuse, fuse links and other material, 400 amp 415 v hrc fuse base, 200 amp m.c.c.b. switch rate, fc 160 a switch disconnecter fuse, 250 a 415 v hrc fuse link, 250 a sfc / fiin com cr 250 ac 23 amp, 250 a sfc / f4 supply 250 amp, 60 h.p connected to motor. per cash rate, connected to hp motor, hp starter requires magnet coil, full panel board required for piping wells, current transformer overload relay, 6.0 s.q.mm 3c aluminum conductor cabl, 500 amp v. meter, 15 amp men switch, 16 amp fuse base and link, 32 amp hrc fuse and link, g. various types of pumps and other material, 3.5 hp submersible pump, price per hp for 3 hp stage 3 inch submersible pump, hp monoblock pump, 7 inch g.i. pipes piping well. per meter rate, vertical power pump, column pipe fittings of 2 inches in wells fitting rate, main shaft 3mm stainless steel 3 ft, cash rates per spider ring (brassmake), giant rope 2 feet per foot thick, stainless steel shopping couplings copy ove, knock on oil paper, knock over water rubber, check nut locking nut 3 copie, 1949 mm brammec bush over nos, knit bolt tvs 5 inch and 4 inch thickness 2 inch nook, transportation charges on ooty site, working the workshop (threading main shop contg, insert a football net and color the entire pipe, hp foundation plate hole killing and flouring. per hole rate, cash on casing stan, column pipe 1.5 inches per mete, column pipe 2 inches per mete, hand held pipe 1.5 inches per mete, panel bo, 3 hp starte, cash rate per 2.0 mm pcm to 1.0 mm, spanner sets across all sizes. per set rate, hydraulic oil. per liter rate, transformer oil. per liter rate, rope of 3 mm thickness per foot rate, flashlight. cash per rat, lubrication oils per meter of g3 and g, greece.000 liters per liter, rubber patch, the sticky rate per sticky, rubber packing, cash per page, hexablade per cash rate, j. sluice valve fittin, m.s. to pipe weldin, bearing suit 1 hp.
Company Industry: Municipal Corporations

Key values

Document fees : INR 2,000
EMD : INR 10,000
Tender Estimated cost : INR 2,000,000
Closing date : 09/09/2019
Document sale date : 09-09-2019
Location : India-Maharashtra

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