Tender Detail

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DID : 36132107
Requirement : Supply of locks 50mm-6 liver/brass, chalk – box white, torch of 03 cells, torch cells (big size), glass tumbler big size, duster cotton big size(17x19), nip bar, nirma powder, straw (bhusa), charcoal, fuel wood, cement magic pot 16, cement commander pot 36, flower pots earthen 8, odonil 50gm each, balti 22 gauge gi sheet 14 high, watering can (10 liter) with gi sheet 22 gauge, foot rest 4’x2’ (jute paydaan), urea khad, receding of chairs, pvc matting multi colour, neel, hedge cutting scissors 12, phool jharu (400 gm each), seek jharu (500gm each), dap(khaad), hand bag, rain coat duck back super qlty, calculator 12 digits citizen ct-500-10/orpat ot-555t, floor duster (big size), organic (khad), som javik (khad), khurpa kamani, grass cutting machine 12, pvc (plastic pipe heavy duty) 1, plastic rope 1 dia, plastic dustbin, caps for chowkidar, socks (nylon) chowkidar, leather belt chowkidar, whistle chowkidar, plastic pipe (jali wala) 1, dori for whistle, shoulder badges for uniform, room fresheners (premium), towel full size (24x48), towel small size, gola rope, all out machine, all out liquid / refills big pack, hit for mosquitoes champion 200 ml, cup plates fancy bone china, glass borosil, colin (big), harpic 500 ml, wiper, plastic bucket 20 liters, sutli, lifebuoy soap 120/125 gm colored, chatai (mat) 6’x4’, white cloth (latha), pencil cell, foam mattress with raxine cover for hospital, foam pillow raxine cover for hospital, bed sheet white single bed (gandhi ashram) for hospital, washing soda, lizol 500ml, wheel for chair, ladder (sandli) aluminum 10’ long, rope nylon & 1, plastic dustbin with top 40 liter, hand wash soap, laptop bag, plastic bucket, chatai full size sarkande wali, chatai bans wali, paper napkeen medium size, tripal 15’x18’, bad sheet white/colored double/single bad use for asyana guest house, washing of blanket, washing of bad sheet, pillow cover, towel all size, main switch 63 amp single phase, switch 5 amp pyno type, changeover switch 4 pol 100 amp, change over 32 amp 2 pole, pvc wire 6.0mm (cu) single core standard size 90mtr. per coil, pvc wire 23/76, 2 core standard wire cable (alum) 10mm 90mtr. per coil, 3 core cable (copper) 10mm flexible flat, 3.5 core cable (alum) 90mm, 3 core standard wire cable (alum) 10mm, hdmi cable, network cable 300 mtr. per coil, fresh air fan 12 iron, fresh air fan 9 pvc shutter type, ceiling fan 56 coloured , ceiling fan 48 double ball bearing (pearl white/ivory colour), wall fan 350mm, mcb 6 amp 01 pol, mcb 16 amp 01 pol with box, ac box with mcb 32 amp, socket 5 amp pyno type, plug 3 pin 5 amp, pendent holder, baton holder, led street light 90 watt with lance 5 year warranty (240volt., 50hz, ip66, 5700k surge protection upto 10kv. pf 0.90, led flood light 200 watt with lance 5 year warranty, cooler kit complete, cooler body 18 with body gauge, 20 swg side pades 20 swg, insulated plaier 8, screw driver 8, hand gloves for ht 1100 volt, ring spanner set 6 nos. to 22 nos., d spanner set 6 nos. to 22 nos., isolator 32 amp 2 pol, telephone wire 02 core standard wire (cu), insulated voltage 600 volt tested voltage 2200 volt fiber made bucket for sky lift size 101x0.8x1.1 cum, heat convector/blower, halogen heater 3 lead, telephone set caller id, intercom set two way, colour printer cartage type, laser jet printer (p1108), ups 725 va, key board, mouse, scanner- scan lide 700f, desktop led computer (21) with ups, cpu all accessories with original window 10, laser jet printer 1020, printer toner 1136 colored/black & white hp, printer toner 1025 (set) colored & black & white hp, printer toner cartridge 176 nw colored & black & white, laser jet colored printer wifi type, ups battery 18 vol, hard disk 2tb, hd card ultra 32 gb, internet modem, wifi modem, normal adopter 12 volt, inverter without battery 700 va for single battery, inverter without battery 1300 va for double battery, inverter battery 180 amp hour, cb 7 watt white/warm white, led bulb 15 watt white/warm white, led tube set 18watt, black tape ¾ steel grip, cordless bell, extension cord 4 switch socket, greaser small 35 liters, heater pillar, photocopier machine –canon/ir 2004n, flexible pipe bundle, condenser 3.15 mfd oil, gi bracket 1¼ size b class, laser jet 126nw network printer, pvc pipe 4 4kg pressure, pvc socket 4, pvc elbow 4, pvc cap 4, pvc clamps 4x1/2, pvc reducer socket 2x3, pvc reducer socket 3x4, gi pipe b class, elbow c class, gi socket, gi union, iron water tap, brass cock 1/2, gate valve (ball valve) half round, waste pipe, pvc connection, fancy cock all type short body brass with crome steel polish, fancy cock long body brass crome polish, stop cock (brass & crome), pillar cock (wash basin cock), cistern (plastic), ball cock brass, pvc plastic cover for water storage tanki, water storage tank with cover & pwmh okyk, tata truck tyre size 1000-20-16 ply, tata truck tube size 1000-20, tata truck flap size 1000-20, tata truck tyre size 1000-20-16 ply, tata ace tyre size 145r 12, tata ace tube size 145r 12, tata ace flap size 145r 12, refuse compactor tyre size 8.25x20, tractor tyre size 600-16-8 ply, tractor tube 600-16, tanker & trolley tyre size 7.50-16-16 ply, trolley tube size 7.50-16, trolley flap size 7.50-16, gypsy tyre size f 78-15-8 ply, gypsy tube size f 78-15-8, jcb tyre size 900-16-16 ply, jcb tube size 900-16, jcb flap size 900-16, jcb tyre size 16.9-28 – 12 ply, jcb tube size 16.9-28, maruti ciaz tyre (tubeless) size 185/65-r15, gi pipe 11/4, bleaching powder, gi pipe 2, gi nipple 1/2‘x6’, plug, brass spandle (2 nos.), conseal, brass spandle (5 nos.), pvc clamps 4"×3/4", plastic water tape 1/2", winger ambulance tyre size 185 r 14 c 102/100 r 8 pr, winger ambulance tube size 185 r 14c, winger ambulance flap size 185 r 14c, basket shahtoot 18 dia, drain brush, empty ghee tin (cut up from top with handles), bahi 6 long(solid), balcha 1 ¼ kg in weight with handle 5’ long in soiled bhai, pachangla 1 ¾ kg (300mm 6mm flat iron 2x12 ) with handle sheesham 2 ’ long, phawra 1. kg in weight with handle sheesham 2 ’ long, drain phawari ¾ kg in weight with handle 1 ’ long, grass cutting iron swords with handle, lime unslacked, nuvan (dichlorvos 76% ec), panjar, broom dry superior quality, tasla 1 kg in weight 14 dia with ms sheet 20 gauge, formulation 40%, greece for hand carts, gloves for sprinkling chemical etc, chloroscope (for testing water), chloroscope reagent, baytex (granuals) isi mark, melathion 50%, pyret hurm 2%, nepthalin balls fargo, melathion dust 5%, baygon/finit, radar – 2 dec, gum boots (long), rickshaw thela in gi sheet 41x 27.5:x14 18 gauge in one inch square axle, rim of rickshaw thela, tyre & tube of rickshaw thela, choripaitifus, darothen m 45, hypique, flash brush, barrel 200 liters empty (mobil oil), king fog 1.25 ulv(1ltr pack), salfec 050 e.w., marble dust (chuna), spray machine valve, plastic rope dia, tripal 6x5 meter, nt quito, turclled 505, fogging machine, bi-larv 25 wp, premise, k-othrine flow, baytex 1000 ec, temephose (abate 50% ec) aminta, flat fan nozzle, transprotex propoxure 20% ec, bi star 10 wp, transparent goggle, mask, brass pressure chamber with rod (for spray machine), wooden balli 6’ long, handle 6 aluminum, handle 4 aluminum, gi bolt with nut all size, ms bolt with nut all size, tower bolt with all fittings aluminum 4, 6, 9, 12, hinges (pan) 2, 3 4, wire nails 17, 20,, jute wali keet, batasa kill, nails all size, ms reverts 8 no, 10 no, 14 no, 16 no, 18 no, 20 no, ms bar plin 6mm & 12mm, gi sheet 20 gauge, 18 gauge & 16 gauge, angle iron 40x40x6mm, 35x35x5mm, 50x50x6mm & 40x40x5mm, 35x35x3mm, hexa blade, flat iron 40 x 6mm, 40 x5mm 35 x 5mm & 25 x 5mm, iso pathalic resion strip plastic, barbed wire, sliding bolt with fittings 8x12mm with nickel 12x12mm, gi plain sheet (3’x10' & 22 gauge), tree guard cement, tree guard iron, aluminium pipe ¾ /1, aluminium angle 12x12x2mm, door spring, door closer hydraulic, cock wire gauge, chakor wire gauge 1 10 gauge, barfi wali jali 14 gauge, gi wir
Company Industry: Security Services

Key values

Document fees : INR 7,000
EMD : INR 286,000
Tender Estimated cost : INR 14,200,000
Closing date : 11/09/2019
Document sale date : 11-09-2019
Location : India-Uttar Pradesh

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