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DID : 36041929
Requirement : Procurement of electrical items fittings and appliances on as and when required basis for the period of one year from the date of issue of acceptance letter harmer drill machine, heavy duty drill machine, masonary drill, dry cell, dry battery, torch light, press fit gang box, press teak gang box, halogen bulb, halogen holder, crown poles, aviation obstruction light twin for gls: 345ml taol pc gls, twin 100 w gls lamp polycarbonate 280 x470, ac metal clad socket with 20 amps mcb with top/plug, a.c. ceiling fan 24”, exhaust fan 9" with metal body and blade, with shutter), fan bearing 6200, fan dimmer 400 w socket type, fan regulator is:12/55, fan regulator step and socket type, fast drying insulator varnish for ceiling fan, pedestal fan (big ) almonard 600 mm, pedestal fan medium size, pedestal fan hi speed is:1169, wall mounting fan (400mm), amulgation tape (10 mtr x 4 mm), black insulation tape 25 yds, pvc insultion tape 1" wide, calling bell (bul-bull), capacitor 20 mfd, fan capacitor oil type 1.5 mfd, capacitor oil type 3.5 mfd, control gear with housing for metal halide light 250 watts, model no: 8063, metal halide glass 400 watts, fuse unit 200 amps (handle type), fuse wire 100 a, d.b 8 way spn mcb distribution box, isolator four pole 100 amps, isolator triple pole 100 amps, isolator fore pole 63 amps, mcb 10 amps, mcb 32 amps four pole, mcb 32 amps single pole, mcb distribution box single pole12 way (single door), mccb 4 pole, 100 a, mccb 200 amps breaking capacity 25 kva (4 pole), t.p.n 4 way distribution box (single door), copper choke 40 w is:1534(part-i)1977, double tube light set box type (2 x 40 w ), floresent tube lamp 4?-36/ 40 w confirming to is-2418, side holder clip type for tube light, single tube light set box type (1x 40 w), tube lamp 4? 28 watts ,t- 5, change over switch three phase 63 amps, main switch 32 amps spn, chang over switch (100 amps) 3 phase, three phase main switch 63 amps, single phase main switch 32 amps, current tester ( 0-500 v ), cutting plier 8", hand gloves ( 11 kv tested ), insulated screw driver 10", spanner set ring type (7-32), olimpia poles id lp4151, 8 ft without fittings., holder for metal halide set 250 w porcelain screw type, glider symmetric fittings 70 w, metal halide lamp holder (pin type) suitable for bulb g12 type, sodium vapor light set 70 watts, disco bulb 100 watts r-95, disco bulb 60 watts pin type (all colored) r-95, reflector bulb 150 w pin type r - 95 is - 418, reflector bulb 40 w r – 95 is - 418, under water light set with r-95 bulb 150 w, r-95 reflector bulb 2 pin type 100 w & 150w, mercury vapor lamp 125 watts (3, type), porceline holder 2 pin suitable, mercury 125w lamp, porceline holder 3 pin suitable, mercury 125w lamp, thread bulb 7/10 (10 mm x 4 cm), boya light set 20 w cfl, p.v.c junction box 1-way 25 mm, p.v.c pipe 20 mm” (medium), stabilizer 5 kv input 180 to 260 w, ball socket 19 mm, bulk head fittings is:2206(part-i), corrosion resistant (brass / steel) screw of size 20/6 mm, d o l starter 3 ph 4 way 7.5 hp, hylem sheet ( 4' x 4' ) full length 3mm, indicator switch, led panel indicator, p.t 2 pin socket 5 amps, p.t 2 pin top 5 amps, p.t switch 5 amps, p.t socket 5 amps, p.t switch 15 amps, p.t socket 15 amps, reflector bulb 40 watts r-95 is:418, pvc round block, suction hose pipe 40 mm dia., switch 2-way 5 a, supply of metal / fiber junction box with connector block for cable connection, telephone socket jack type (switch model), telephone socket plug type (switch model), flying saucer set beading, single phase mono block pump 1 hp p 44 protection. pipe size suc x del (mm) 25 x 25. kw 0.75 head range (meters) 6 – 11., single phase mono block pump 1.5 hp p 44 protection. pipe size suc x del (mm) 50 x 40. kw 1.1. head range (meters) 6 – 11., single phase mono block pump 2 hp p 44 protection. pipe size suc x del (mm) 50 x 40. kw 1.5. head range (meters) 6 – 11., submersible pump 5 hp 3 phase, submersible pump 7.5 hp 3 phase, sintax pvc meter box size 30 inch x 70 inch, copper pipe 1/4", , insulation tube (1.5 mtr) 1/4", bearing no.6004, bearing no.6204 for mini train, smc danger notice plate gssh-1520-1.6, 150 x 200 mm 415 & lv, frp ladder, telescopic, extendable type, height – 6m, sintex fiber glass, smc distribution box, clamp meter/ tounge tester, 0-200 a, 0-1000 v, electrical multi meter, 0-415v, conductance, resistance, ac/dc, insulation tester (megger) 0-1000 v dc, 1000 m ohm, rope light round of colour (white/saffron/green/blue), allen key set millimeter, allen key set inches, faster hook (fan hook) 10 mm, faster hook (fan hook) 12 mm, zigsaw blade, led tube set 20 w, fan down rod 18", stabilizer 500 v to 1 kv, led down lighter 15 w lcdd 15-cdl ( 24 vadaptor), ceiling light 32 watt, sp switch - 1 module 6 a one-way, double pole switch with indicator – 2 module 32 a one way, sp bell push – 1 module 6 a one-way, bell call indicator with registor – 6 a – one-way, rotative dimmer 60 – 250w for light – 2 module, mylinc dimmer 400w for light – 1 module, fan regulator 100w, humfree, 0-4 steps – 2 module, fan regulator 100w, humfree, 0-4 steps – 1 module, mylinc buzzer, tv socket 1 module, rj 11 telephone socket – 1 module, double rj 11 telephone socket1module, rj 45 cat 6 computer socket 1 module, cable outlet – 1 module, blanking plate 0.8 mm – 1 module, spare 12 screws with nuts, 1 module plate – white, decorative tree lamps of coconut tree design, 14? height of different colour, copper strip for earthling size 25 mm x 5 mm, decorative ultra slim inner led lighting with extruded al heat sink, environmental friendly, energy efficient, 20 w led 6k, lhexbhp7pn1w020, surface decorative wall / ceiling mounted fixture with electronic driver and opaque diffuser, 12 w led 6k, lheofip7cuz1w012., welding machine , 230 v 0-200, including phase & earth cable of 20 mtrs. length each, holder – 2 nos, gloves, helmet, welding screen/ goggles etc. complete set, bench wise, bench drill, electrical danger plate/ board size 20 cm x 30 cm, soldering iron kit complete set, basket ball control kit including mother board – 01 no. inch display board – 3 nos. display cable – 01 no, insulated aluminium joint clip, 16 sqmm, connect series in led recess luminaries code 111686 luminaire type brtx 20 w led wh, dovee-lh? recess mounting led down light code 111891 luminary type bzslol 10 w nw, dovee-lh? recess mounting led down light code 111893 luminary type bzslol 20 w nw, sleek sq? code 111573 liminaire type bgslo sleek 15 wh sq, sleek sq? sleek square recess mounting led down light code 111948 luminaire type bgslo sleek surface 18 wh rd, davos recess mounting led 2 x 2 luminaire with acrylic drop light disspater code 111546 luminaire type bdtblr36 wh, davox pro? recess mounting led 2 x 2 luminaire with white acrylic flat light disspater code 111984 luminaire code bctblr 36 w atn wh, heater- cum – blower for de soldering, benn (dc motor b5-2613 for mini train, type dc90 175 359 voh: ss hp-1, amp: 16.8 ext type se, rpm: 1500 class b, break dance ride dc motor 3 hparamature-voltage-220, rpm-1500, super motor bike, soldering lead, soldering paste, de soldering paste, silicon tube, 4 pole power conductor size fr 1 type mnx 9 cat no. cs94706, 4 pole power contactors size fr2 type mnx 40, analog timer switch – 1 mod (1 no) cat no j6107b204, astronomical timer switch 110-240 v c /002 mod /002 mod cat no. t20ddt7, driver unit for 20 w led street light fittings, flood light – 200w led, floroscent lamp side holder pin type is:1534 (part-i)1977, floroscent tube light starter 40 w is:2215, halogen bulb 500 w, halogen holder for 500w set, halogen set ( 500 w), ignitor 70 w to 400 watts for metal halide and sodium vapour lamps., led bulb 9 watts, led garden light ,mushroom shape intergral decorative led bollard with ip 65 protection 10 watts full set, led integral types street lights 45 w technical specification/parameters: rated system wattage : 45 w, metal halide bulb 70 w pin type, metal halide choke 70 watts, metal h
Company Industry: Municipal Corporations

Key values

Document fees : INR 1,475
EMD : INR 170,000
Tender Estimated cost : INR 6,797,399
Closing date : 21/08/2019
Location : India-Andaman And Nicobar

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