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Corrigendum - 2 Published On : 28-08-2019
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Corrigendum - 1 Published On : 23-08-2019
Corrigendum Details : Amendment no. 1
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DID : 35696871
Requirement : Supply of Pre clinical items, down draft ventilated autopsy table with integral sink, downdraft ventilated, stainless steel, dissecting bench, air purifier /odour control system, cadaver lift conveyor style, weighing machine for dead bodies, digital weighing machine for organs/foetus, oscillating electric autopsy saw (bone cutting, with blades and dust collector), dissecting instruments, cadaver / autopsy carrier, mobile x-ray system, student upright binocular microscopes (with inbuilt light source & imported achromatic optics), binocular research microscope with camera attachment, analytical digital balance single pan, centrifuge machine, dissecting lights (double ceiling mounts), mortuary deep freezer, mortuary cooler (4 body capacity), ultraviolet/white light transilluminator, analytical balance, autoclave (horizontal), biosafety cabinet, co2 incubator, micro pipette adjustable 1 – 2.5 µl, 0.5 – 10 µl, 2-20ul, 10-100ul, 20 – 200 µl, 100- 1000ul capacity, deep freezer (-80°c), electronic pipettes digitally adjustable, pharmaceutical refrigerator, vertical laminar air flow cabinet, automated tissue grinder (homogenizer), automated blood culture system, refrigerated centrifuge, walk in cooler, multi channel pipettes, laboratory centrifuge, dessicator cabinets, hot air oven, incubator, laboratory autoclave (vertical), high air flow sampler, polycarbonate anaerobic jar, membrane filter holder with hand held vacuum pump, ultra pure (nuclease free) water purification system, fully automated gel documentation system, u.v/visual spectrophotometer, gradient pcr machine, dry heating block for pcr, agarose gel electrophoresis, semi automated elisa reader and washer, water bath serological, liquid nitrogen drum / liquid nitrogen storage container, positive pressure pump for tissue culture, binocular microscope for faculty, binocular microscope (for students), serum inspissator, bod incubator, automated rapid tb culture & drug sensitivity system, lyophilizer, ice flaking machine, orbital shaking incubator, table top dispenser, anaerobic work station with gas cylinder complete, real time pcr, forced air incubator microprocessor controlled, ultra sonicator, hybridization chamber, automated bacterial identification and sensitivity system, refrigerated shaker, inverted research microscope for bright field, phase contrast, fluorescence, along with high resolution digital image analysis system, refrigerated incubator, analgesiometer - tail flick (digital), hot plate analgesia meter, polygraph (sixteen channel research), electro convulsiometer, cooks pole climbing apparatus, rota rod apparatus for rat & mouse, digital photoactometer, elevated plus maze, portable autoclave (25l), incubator (20 - 100 degc), digital spirometer, bicycle ergometer, double beam spectrophotometer uv-vis, refrigerator -20 deg c, treadmill, multiple choice reaction time apparatus, flicker fusion apparatus, human maze learning electronics with digital reset error counter and timer, digital hand steadiness tester (linear type), digital hand steadiness tester-hole type, digital memory drum etc for new aiims.
Company Industry: Health Services/Equipments

Key values

Document fees : 230,024
EMD : 20,845,885
Tender Estimated cost : 326,078,240
Closing date : 12/09/2019
Document sale date : 27-08-2019
Location : India-Uttar Pradesh

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